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UGC Moderation Group


"We will take excellent care of each and every one of your followers and wow them with love and inspiration." -- 🤩💝

We don’t do campaigns.  We don’t do creative.  We are 100% focused on social media monitoring and engagement during off-business hours: weekday evenings, full weekends, and on all holidays.

UGC Moderation Group expands your social media community coverage and makes sure all comments are read, triaged, and responded to quickly.  Our capabilities include bringing down your spend and headaches and have this social media community coverage implemented seamlessly for the benefit of your organization and your followers.

We are a people solution – a U.S.-based team, headquartered in New York City, of very experienced social media community managers, and we read, triage, and engage with all user-generated posts when your offices are closed.  On our watch, our goal across all of your social media communities is to take excellent care of each and every one of your followers and to wow them with love and inspiration.  We will also notify and alert all stakeholders immediately of any escalating issues before they turn into a social media crisis.

You have a great in-house Social Media Management team, but they can't possibly work 24/7!

On our watch, our goal with your social media communities is to take excellent care of each and every one of your followers.  Building important 1:1 relationships.


UGC Moderation Group specializes in:

  • Reading, triaging, responding to all posts.

  • Extending your servicing of followers across all of your social media channels when your offices are closed.

  • Identifying and correctly reporting all types of issues posted per any Workflow requirements.

  • Engaging positively with followers.

  • Comment moderation on any platform (message boards, etc.)

  • Following after-hours alert protocols for sensitive issues. 

  • Fully trained on using Sprout Social, Sprinklr, and other similar social media tools.


How we can help you best:

While we focus on the crucial off-hours weekday evening, overnight, and weekend social media community management piece, we can also expand your daytime coverage.  We offload from you all of the logistical challenges in providing "graveyard" shift coverage 365 days a year.


Our typical pricing for weekday evening, full weekend, and all holiday social media community coverage across all platforms is $3500 per month.

Let's schedule an introductory call to discuss your needs and our capabilities.

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