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What is a ZoomOp?

("Zoom Operator")

Do you want to host a virtual event and have it run flawlessly? Hire the "technical guns" to produce and manage the technical aspects of the event for you.  Whether it’s an internal all-hands meeting, webinar, or training event, we bring the technical expertise to run it on Zoom Meetings, Zoom Webinar, WebEx, Microsoft Teams, or a platform of your choosing.


Our Capabilities:

Whether you are using Zoom, Zoom Webinar, Zoom Events, Microsoft Teams, or WebEx, we've got you covered!​

  • Manage all aspects of the digital side of virtual and hybrid productions, primarily using the Zoom Meetings and Zoom Webinars platforms.

  • Technical room management for implementing run-of-show and operating slides and videos, expediting accurate breakout room assignments among attendees, Q&A and chat moderation, polling, managing panelists and attendee links, registration, etc.

  • Run technical rehearsals.

  • Collaborate on developing run-of-show and implementing updates.

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