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Social Media Community Managers

Are you overwhelmed?  Our team is made up of experienced online social media community managers.  We are a “workforce power” service that can use whatever technology your company already utilizes for social media community management (tools such as Sprinklr, Spredfast, and others or just the native interfaces).


UGC Moderation provides the level of social media community management and user generated content moderation that you are needing.  We can provide your full off-hours coverage, including weekday evenings, overnight, weekends, and holidays.


Off-hours engagement can be at the desired level of customer service and interaction or with a focus on exclusively monitoring/moderating (removing personal attacks or other violations of the Terms of Service, escalating critical issues to internal team members.)

Extended Social Media Customer Service

People post on their own schedules, not always during weekday 9-to-5 business hours, and they expect more timely responses in social media.  Social media is seen as the new "call center" to resolve customer issues and questions.


You'll be aware of critical issues immediately and they will be escalated before spiraling out of control.

Moderating user generated content is what we do.  We are 100% focused on providing additional online community management that works seamlessly with your in-house social media team.  Agencies typically concentrate on creative & campaigns rather than daily customer care.

Oh, and we are priced very competitively to gain your business!

Review Sites & Customer Success

Your customers are reviewing your products and services and their overall experience with your brand and company.  They are talking about you all over the Internet.  Are you listening?

We want to help you engage with these reviews.  Let your customers know they are being heard.  Let us help you be more timely and get in there and read and respond to what they are saying. We will escalate and work to resolve problems and turn an ugly #fail into a satisfying #success.

Our social media team is ready to help read through all the mentions on review sites and get to work with extending exceptional customer service.

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