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Mike Schoenbach, Virtual Event Technical Producer, ZoomOp

Mike Schoenbach has been at the forefront of online and digital pioneers for over thirty years, developing top-performing content and interactive programming for AOL,, CompuServe, the Microsoft Network, and others. Mike has initiated and produced extraordinary online events and promotions involving major celebrities and corporate executives.

My Story

I've worked as co-founder of SMRT365.  Since March 2020, I've helped organizations transition their in-person meetings and training events to virtual settings.  I've worked as a freelance Virtual Event Technical Producer & Zoom Room and Webinar Operator for virtual and hybrid corporate event productions.  I've put together a nimble and highly skilled team to produce virtual and hybrid events.

I am an accomplished manager with deep experience in operations management, office administration, and business leadership. I have extensive experience creating and implementing strategy, planning, budgeting, administration, and project management. I'm passionate about creating logistical efficiencies, improving processes, recruiting and mentoring teams, troubleshooting internal and customer-side issues, and most of all, building successful solutions. I am resourceful, self-motivated, a strong communicator, and very invested in nurturing long-term B2B, B2C, and interpersonal relationships.

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